KidCo Website Review & Ratings + KidCo Coupons
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KidCo Website Review & Ratings + KidCo Coupons

KidCo: Products & Services

KidCo manufactures, distributes and sells mainly child safety products. The foundation of their company's product lines are safety gates which are designed and manufactured in the United States. Their product line of baby and child products has expanded over the years to include their popular Food Mill. The Food Mill is a non-electric, portable food processor which is great to prepare your own baby foods. The KidCo website also has categories for replacement parts, user guides, product certifications, product registration and recall information. You can view their products by the following categories:

KidCo: Company Background

KidCo Inc. was founded in 1992 specializing in the manufacturing and selling of upscale consumer goods with their main line of products being child safety products. In addition to their child safety products, KidCo also makes and sells safety gates for pets and fireplaces. They are located in Libertyville, Illinois and you can call them at 1-800-553-5529.

KidCo: Customer Feedback & Reviews

KidCo has good customer comments and ratings on their products at different retail store websites. You can buy their products on for example where customers have rated their KidCo Go Pod Portable Activity Seat for Baby 4.5 stars out of 5 stars with the following comments.

  • "My 5 month old is not quite sitting up on his own, but is "too tall" for most toys that are for children that are supported sitters. He had outgrown his swing, his baby papasan and his Bumbo is nearly done as well. I bought this, hoping it would be the solution to my problems. I was right! He loves the seat - which has forward leg holes, so he does not hang…"
  • "I love this seat! I use it our living room instead of one of those huge, garish "exer-saucers." My 9-month-old daughter is very content in it for 30-60 minutes at a time, especially if we are outside. I also take it to picnics and friends' homes & out in the yard. it is SO handy! And when we are not using it, I love that I can fold it up and store it in the hall closet. We have a small apartment, and this seat has been a great space-saver and fun for the baby too."

KidCo: Business Credibility & Trustworthiness

KidCo is a member of the Chicago and Northern Illinois Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating and only one complaint during the past three years. They have been a member of the BBB since 2004. KidCo has appeared in many publications, television and websites including:

  • Pregnancy & Newborn
  • Consumer Digest
  • Pregnancy Buyer's Guide
  • HGTV
  • CBS News
  • Extreme Makeover Home Edition
  • TLC
  • The View
KidCo: Website Popularity & Google Ranking

KidCo has the following internet rankings.

  • shows KidCo with a traffic ranking of #109,152 in the United States and a worldwide traffic ranking of #433,779 with 279 sites linking in with 79% or their visitors located in the United States. They have a 31.90% bounce rate and 3.60 average daily page views per visitor.
  • Their Google Page Rank is 4 out of 10.
KidCo: Social Media Presence

You can follow KidCo on their social media pages.

  • KidCo has a good Facebook page with photo products and child safety articles. They have 4,550 Likes.
  • They are also on Twitter @KidCo with links to child safety articles and other articles such as the most popular baby names. They are followed by 1,906 people and they have sent out 219 tweets.
  • You can also go to their KidCo YouTube page and watch helpful videos with assembly instructions of their products. 
KidCo: Website Security & Safety

KidCo does not sell their products directly from their website. Their website gives detailed information about all of their products with search boxes to find retail and online stores to buy their products. This means that website security is not as important as other online stores that take your credit card information.

According to the Google Safe Browsing Tool, their website is not a suspicious website. Of the 2 pages Google tested during the last 90 days, 0 pages resulted in malicious files or software being downloaded or installed. 

KidCo: Pricing & Packages

KidCo products can be purchased on various online stores and at brick and mortar retail stores throughout the United States. A few of their prices listed on include:

  • KidCo Pressure Mounted Gateway costs $59.95.
  • KidCo G3000 Auto Close Configure Gate costs $119.95.
  • KidCo Auto Close HearthGate Black Pet Gate costs $159.95.
  • KidCo Mesh Window Guard costs $36.99.
  • KidCo F710 Baby Food Mill costs $9.22.
  • KidCo Children's Bed Rail costs $42.95.
  • Metal Angle-Mount Safeway Baby Gate costs $52.95.

KidCo: Shipping Rates & Policies

KidCo does not sell or ship products through their company website. They do have a search feature that will show you retail stores for any zip code area, online stores and international dealers. One of the more popular retail stores for their products is Babies R Us. Shipping rates and policies will be up to the individual online store. 

KidCo: Payment Methods Accepted

Since KidCo does not sell their products through their company website, you will not use a payment method. Payment methods will be up to the stores you purchase KidCo products. Most stores will accept major credit and debit cards like Visa, MasterCard, Discover Card and American Express along with checks and cash. 

KidCo: Returns, Refunds & Exchange Policy

All return and refunds will be up to the store that you purchase KidCo products at. KidCo does have a warranty policy for their products. KidCo warrants their products to be free from manufacturing defects for 1 year from the date of purchase under normal non-commercial use. For more warranty information, please see their warranty page

KidCo: Product images & screenshots
KidCo Coupons
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